Oxford Impedance Diagnostics (OID) is a company that researches, designs and will market diagnostic tests for the measurement of clinical bio markers that reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. Products are targeted at personalised medicine, earlier risk detection or improved disease diagnosis and management.

Our proprietary platform technology is based upon high-quality, peer-reviewed research by Professor Jason Davis and his group based at the University of Oxford and Professor Paulo Bueno based at the Sao Paulo State University, Brazil, who are the inventors and co-owners of the company with Oxford University at spin out. We have secured external investment to transfer the research platform into a commercially viable, high volume and robust assay system for use in clinical laboratories or at the point-of-care.

The company has a CEO in post with over 30 years’ experience in the medical diagnostics field. Over the next two years we will be developing unique diagnostic tests that prove the impedance methodologies we have patented can provide low cost, multiplex, sensitive and easy to use tests that will disrupt the existing testing paradigms for many conditions. 


 Unique surface chemistries                                                            A wide range of biomarkers detecable                                                 New, patented impedance technologies